"My shortened story..*shortened in knowing more will read about the day that led to chronic back pain and migraines and THE ONLY Dr. Abby Lench based out of the office Health & Wellness Chiropractic who has been able to provide me with care that lasts longer than ANY ONE else in Cedar Rapids, IA.  How long have I been diagnosed with chronic back pain and migraines?  Since September 2008... I can't say enough other than because of Health & Wellness Chiropractic I am able to recover from migraines much quicker.  The quick turn around time allows me to enjoy my life and not to mention my work that I am passionate about, with work comes a work schedule; traveling daily, working with people face to face.  Health & Wellness Chirorpactic, Dr. Abby Lench has allowed me to keep going thriving and it is because of my utmost appeeciation of the care received and relief received that I am writing this.  --feeling thankful."

-Jenn Johanns

"Being pregnant and having a curve in my spine made any movement, even sitting uncomfortable, and I was having frequent headaches.  Dr. Lench has made mommy more comfortable, I can move and sit comfortably again.  She doesn't lecture you, she makes you feel welcome and everyone is so nice."

-Gabrielle Rowland

"Dr. Lench and staff are very welcoming.  I finally have a Dr. that has given me hope of recovery, and won't just give up because my case is unique and difficult to treat!"

-Angela Vande Wall

"Since I started seeing Dr. Lench 2 weeks ago, for an injury to my neck and back, I have hardly any pain, full range of motion, and was able to go back to work after 2 appointments."

-Quinn Franklin

"I had spinal issues from my pregnancy and c-section.  the numbness is gone!  Dr. Lench is honest, very friendly, and knows what she's doing.  She has been amazingly helpful."

-Amelia Echols

"Dr. Abby is very patient oriented.  She is always willing to answer questions and takes extra time when you need it."

-Josh Ford

Health & Wellness Chiropractic

"When I first started I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I was in so much pain I knew I needed to do something.  Now I feeling so much better and can walk without pain."

-Adriane Hess

"I am very pleased with Dr. Abby's chiropractic care.  She is so gentle and easy on me, but I always get good results from her treatments.  She is always willing to accommodate me at my request.  Thanks, Dr. Abby for being there for me."

-Marilyn Reece

"Dr. Abby is really great at what she does.  I have seen other chiropractors and they have not helped me nearly as much as she has.  On my first visit (after seeing another chiro for years for chronic neck and back pain) she listened, felt my problem areas and adjusted them so much better and accurately then had ever been done before.  I felt true relief.  I highly recommend coming here if you have any kind of pain issues."

-Melissa Knoot